Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby ★★★★½

Well that was...fitting...for a 666th logged watch...

Also, yesterday marks the one year anniversary of my first viewing of Magnolia and the resulting reformation of myself as a cinephile and a person.
It's probably still my favorite film after all this time, and I plan on rewatching it soon/going through the catharsis again.

Anyway, onto Rosemary's Baby: Wow.

It's brilliantly performed, directed, shot, and plotted, and those aspects basically carry the whole thing and made it genuinely scary in a lot of parts.

For that, it holds up remarkably well for a horror film from the '60s, and its probably one of the greatest I've seen of its genre

That being said, I wouldn't consider it to be a very rewatchable movie considering how slow-burning (if effective) it was in the first two acts, and I honestly can see it becoming slightly tedious if I ever returned to it, though I highly doubt I will feel any less paranoid for Rosemary, if not more...

What a chilling finale.

High hopes for Polanksi's other films.

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