Guns Akimbo ★½

If you locked an edgy, pop culture-loving twelve-year-old boy in a room with mountains of cocaine and DVDs of 'Deadpool' and 'Nerve' then told him to write a screenplay based on his experience, 'Guns Akimbo' would be the final result. New Zealand director Jason Lei Howden's sophomore feature is a frantically-paced drug trip, oozing with vivid colours and a vibrant style but these elements are more brought together in an obnoxious way rather than the wished fun. It is pure insanity from start to finish, never boring to watch, but it is so frustrating to watch a cool concept and bombastically crazy style wasted on not only an estimated cheap budget but also an annoying direction, insufferable screenplay and atrophied performances which all make for an unintelligible and hard to enjoy film.

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