Elvis ★★★½

This film rather surprised me, I never thought that John Carpenter had made a drama, but he did. Here, he tackles the life of iconic rocker Elvis Presley, and he delivers a terrific film that is entertaining from start to finish. Carpenter is of course known for Sci Fi and horror films, and he has made some truly landmark films in those genres. He, he tackles the drama genre, and delivers a highly entertaining feature with great performances, especial from Kurt Russell as the legendary rocker. The script here is quite good, and carpenter crafts a good drama that considering his horror output a real testament to his talents because he’s more than just a horror director. Elvis is a highly entertaining feature that boasts a good story and is elevated due to its cast. This isn’t one of Carpenter’s best films, but it nonetheless, it’s still a must watch for Carpenter fans. Elvis is a well crafted biopic, and it has a good story that makes this an entertaining and memorable feature and as a whole, even if it’s not Carpenter’s best, it’s among the director’s better forgotten gems. Kurt Russell definitely delivers here, and this was the beginning of the collaboration between the actor and John Carpenter on quite a few great efforts. I very much enjoyed this effort, and Carpenter brought some interesting things to the story and told it in a way where thing were fast moving and well layered and it offered up an entertaining and memorable feature.

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