Naked ★★★★★

Bleak, atmospheric and dark, Mike Leigh’s Naked is a brilliant, controversial piece of cinema that features a stunning performance by actor David Thewlis. The story is simple, yet it is elevated by the tense role that Thewlis plays, and director Mike Leigh crafts a unique drama here that begs you not to look away. The subject is intense, yet there is a certain element about the film that makes it a compelling, unflinching picture that you simply cannot tear away from. The film is steadily paced and Leigh lets the events unfold in order for you to get sucked into its well layered story. The acting in the film is terrific, and is of course the high point of the picture. Using a simple idea with brilliant acting goes hand in hand, and in Naked we get certainly that. This is a film that doesn’t shy away from its subject, and it is a picture that can make you feel uncomfortable. Leigh’s storytelling is immaculate and riveting and he is a skilled filmmaker in delivering something out of the box. This is a film that is a standout picture and is a defining film in the genre. This is a brilliant piece of filmmaking and it showcases the talents of the actors and director perfectly. If you’re looking for a highly memorable drama, Naked is that film. With a powerful, bizarre story, this film more than stands out as a drama, it’s a memorable filmgoing experience that you won’t soon forget.