The House of the Laughing Windows ★★★★

Brilliant, atmospheric and well made Italian horror film, The House With Laughing Windows is a forgotten classic of Italian cinema. With effective pacing and solid acting, this is a haunting, and tense film that builds the tension slowly in order for the terror to unfold. The film is well made, and relies on atmosphere to deliver some downright disturbing. The story is very good and the cast do a fine job in their roles. House With Laughing Windows is one of the finest forgotten Italian horror films that deserves to be rediscovered. The story, idea and how the director gets different elements to work in the film is what makes this a highly engrossing film, and is one that is quite disturbing, yet memorable at the same time. The plot is very good, and it is among the finest Giallo films that I have seen. If you’re able to track down the film, and enjoy the genre, then don’t pass up on this film, as it has much to offer to viewers. This is an accomplished film, and it is one that is entertaining and horrifying and it is a film that is among the finest forgotten gems of Italian horror. House With the Laughing Windows delivers some tense, horrifying moments, and overall it’s a well directed feature that you should seek out if you want one of better examples of Italian horror at its very best. This film is quite impressive, and it showcases some of the best elements of the Giallo into one film. The film is bizarre, yet engaging, and with good performances and direction, it’s a film that will stick with you long after you’ve seen it.

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