Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★½


Ms. Grace screaming all those fucks is a mood. fuck i really wasn't expecting to enjoy this but oh my god. this was insane. goddamn the rich and their desires and the stakes that they are willing to take just so they protect their legacy and their wealth. the addition of the comedic elements flow smoothly in the film and they don't seem forced. they even add that element of holy shit. one scene in particular that really got me gagging was Emilie just killing anyone here and there ugh yall should just not give her a weapon at all.

Samara Weaving's performance here was just everything ugh. all her cursing, i felt that. i was just rooting for her till the end from the hell and beyond she had to go through to make it till dawn from being shot to being hit. that one scene with her hand and the nail UGH SCARY SHIT. the other cast members were great too from Adam Brody to Andie MacDowell to Henry Czerny (who really suits that rich people role aka starring in Revenge, the tv show LOL) and of course the woman behind creepy af Aunt Helene, Nicky Guadagni.

the pacing was ok too as it focused first on the background and the wedding before leading to game night. hearing the Hide & Seek theme song tho won't be the same now in that eerie and suspenseful way that it was used in this film. now how come Charity only got Chess back then? wtf


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