Manhunter ★★★★

I kept feeling like I was watching a sequel and should’ve seen a previous movie, and also felt like that kid was not his kid and more like a stepson? And the mom was probably only casted because of her hair  she kept speaking in nonsense sentences. 

I screamed at the screen at two parts: when they say that mother fucker is 34 and later at my computer screen when I had to google which part Stephen Lange played—ya know, the super ripped hot blind war vet in DONT BREATHE?—he plays that annoying as fuck REPORTER!!!!! AHHHHHHHH what a fucking GLOW UPPPPPPPP HOT DAAMMNNNN

PS: creepy bad guy’s interior decor and home: WOW YES X1000!!!

PPS: if only all of us had HALF the confidence of that blind woman the world would be such a better place damn

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