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  • Seberg



    This is such a SOLID 3 stars. I loved the look of it, the soundtrack and the cast. Kristen Stewart gives a full, vivid, nuanced performance and Vaughn, unencumbered by any audience expectation of "goodness", delivers a blisteringly unrestrained nastiness and steals every scene he's in.

    Every department is peaked and ready for something special. The script just can't seem to figure out what everyone else in the cast and crew has made sense of - what this intersection of political harassment, stardom and activism has that's fresh and exciting to offer two hours of storytelling.

  • Fail Safe

    Fail Safe


    The other "war room" movie from 1964 is gripping, shocking and incredibly satisfying. Technology has gotten no less scary since its release.

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  • Young Frankenstein

    Young Frankenstein


    A whole extra star got added when I took into consideration my inner fourteen year-old.

  • The Friends of Eddie Coyle

    The Friends of Eddie Coyle


    Mitchum's feels like a performance that never expected to be seen. Yates doesn't deserve his shared billing, and there are the requisite walk and talks with dialogue that make Robbie Coltrane's scene in Ocean's Twelve (YouTube-able as "lost in translation") seem earnest. But the sheer lean muscle of its filmmaking is a thing to behold in the Vimeo-cinema world of today.