Pain & Gain

Pain & Gain ★★★★½

Dreams built upon lies. Somehow manages to be batshit all the way through its 2 hours of hate and venom, any small sign of bloat and it whips out a line or an image that sends riots to my insides. Really wasn't a fan of Bay before this (an understatement with what I think of his Transformers films on initial viewing), but it seems to me that he really goes haywire, in a good way, when no pretension of grandeur or importance remains in the story he tells, just cynicism, excess, and explosions. Only this time, it's the implosion of American id that reverberates within a tale no one would believe. Also proof that Dwayne should play anyone other than Dwayne more, because him as a Christian crackhead and surprising emotional core is hilarious.

Nothing like a bit of misanthropy to kick off another 365-day cycle of existence.

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