Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★½

I decided to see what was to come of the Avengers universe after Endgame and I gotta say I was decently entertained by what I saw. The whole premise is just amazing even by superhero standards. Basically Mysterio turns out to have been staging calamities so he can pretend to rescue them, join SHEILD, and kill off Nick Fury with technology that Stark alleged stole from Mysterio. Peter has to stop him while on a seemingly innocuous class trip with Nick Fury. Simply put, the humor is pretty entertaining and even the cornier ones made me comfortable in my seat at the theater. I get the feeling Nightmonkey’s not gonna be well remembered moment but I laughed. A lot of this movie has to do with Peter taking the place of Tony Stark in the Avengers and the whole movie has to do with Peter balancing his romance life with Mary Jane and the possibility of her knowing he’s Spider-Man. The usual. I do feel that Zendaya has an Aubrey Plaza-esque snarky charm as Mary Jane. Even Peter’s best friend was charming to be around. Tom Holland as Peter Parker has surprising range. Holy shit. He can project comedy and drama through his body. Of course Samuel L Jackson was funny and awesome as always. I really admired Jake Gyllenhal’s performance as the menacing Mysterio and his motivation, while a bit comical, felt fleshed out, especially feeling like he was disregarded by the Avengers. His character is truly an egoist. My favorite scenes were whenever Mysterio messed with Peter’s head. It felt like I was watching a high concept art house film recreation of Salvador Dali. I feel a little weird about the cliffhanger though where Mysterio revealed Spider-Man’s identity to the public, especially since there probably isn’t going to be another MCU film in a long time from what I see. For all its faults, it really captured Peter at his most emotionally vulnerable with the death of Tony, his inability to carry out his romance with Mary Jane, and Mysterio’s plot building up stress. Watch it. I had a lot of fun!

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