Aleyna Saral

Editor at Nordik Simit, lost lost lost in film and audioscillator. | Visual Anthropology master's at Aarhus University.

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  • Reprise
  • The Man Who Loved Yngve
  • Hunger
  • Nothing Ever Really Ends

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  • A Horrible Woman


  • Prince of Darkness


  • Election Night


  • Sick of Myself


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  • Another Round

    Another Round


    i think thomas vinterberg has done a great work by using such danish cliches wisely. even though the plot was a very danish story, obviously, vinterberg found an amazing harmony between originality and known facts about danes. vinterberg's sociological observations and also his milieu that he comes from influenced him on the scenario undoubtedly but i do think that he decided to show another side of alcohol issues in a funny way, not a didactic one. yet, it has had…

  • Victoria



    after five years later, i watched victoria again on the very first day of the opening cinemas after covid-19. i'm very glad to see this film on big screen because i have watched it on my computer back then. however, after re-watching victoria, i realized that i didn't even forget one slight detail related to the film. i didn't know until yesterday that victoria was/is one of my favourite films ever.

    the tension goes never down in this film, and…