Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★

I don't like musicals but damn if that Gene Kelly isn't one of the best dancers to ever appear on film.
Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor are also just brilliant and as the three leads some magic happens between them.
I really love the way it's shot with the long takes so you know it's really them doing those increadable sequences and the way the camera moves around is beautiful.
The color was also great with lots of scenes that just pop off the screen.
The story is good but does meander a bit and a little more focus would have improved the movie as a whole but that's a minor quibble when the chemistry and physicality of the leads is so mesmerizing.
Favorite scene is when Gene Kelly sings in the rain. Obs.
Favorite line:
R.F.: Lina, did you send this stuff out?
Lina: I gave an exclusive story to every paper in town.

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