Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★½


I know this one is divisive but I actually really like this movie, it’s definitely the most gorgeous Star Wars movie out there from the colours to the space battles and shot selection you can see Rian Johnson having the most fun with these shots. 

I like the relationship with Kylo and Rey you really feel for both of them. I also unlike some people really like what they did with Luke and he’s arc, yes of course there are some things I wished the y had done to make honour to the character but he was really good. Less BB-8 in this movie than in force awakens.😢

I think this movie made me love Poe as this troublemaker pilot that will one day lead the resistance. But the Casino plot line sucked it really led know where in the end but I guess it did give me Benicio Del Toro in a Star Wars movie.

For me the worst part about this movie is Rose I mean she is so annoying and every time her theme plays I would roll my eyes. And another problem is that there are too many storylines and we still haven’t gotten the main three (Rey, Poe and Finn) together.

I think the action is really good from the beginning Space Battle, to the throne room fight scene or even the end battle on the sand planet which is gorgeous and reminded me of the battle of Hoth.

One of the most divisive movie out there but I like it quite a lot and think it’s one of Star Wars’ best.

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