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  • Feel the Beat

    Feel the Beat

    Why am I a sucker for films about a woman living in a big city who loses everything and moves back home / to a small town where they find themselves and fall in love?

  • Housesitter


    Gwhen do you gwet off and gwhere can we gwo?

  • California Typewriter

    California Typewriter

    Speaks deeply to my analog loving soul. (She writes, on an iPhone app...)

  • Contagion


    Why did I do this to myself?? 😱 <— no emoji, don’t touch your face!

  • The Apartment

    The Apartment

    A New Year’s Eve (eve eve eve) must watch

  • It's a Wonderful Life

    It's a Wonderful Life

    Remember: no man is a failure who has friends 😭😭😭

  • A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

    A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

    These films have become a yearly tradition for a friend and I, who watch and guess what is going to happen...

  • Coming Home for Christmas

    Coming Home for Christmas

    Starring Danica McKellar, the patron saint of Hallmark Christmas movies!

  • Switched for Christmas

    Switched for Christmas

    Another quality plane watch - Candace Cameron Bure as identical twins, each of whom have to plan the perfect holiday party 👌🏻

  • The Sweetest Christmas

    The Sweetest Christmas

    Lacey Chabert in a high stakes gingerbread baking competition? That’s what I call a perfect plane watch! (I’m a real sucker for a Hallmark Christmas movie 😆)

  • The Perils of Pauline

    The Perils of Pauline


    A fictionalized biopic of serial queen Pearl White, starring Betty Hutton as the actress who became a popular action hero in the 1910’s. It’s definitely not accurate to film history, which is a shame, as it would’ve been great to see how pioneering Pearl White was. But, as is to be expected with a 1947 film, the focus is more on a love story between Pearl and a fellow actor, with some musical songs thrown in for good measure. Not factual but still fun.

  • Land of the Pharaohs

    Land of the Pharaohs


    I never would have guessed that this is one of Martin Scorsese’s favorite guilty pleasures. Directed by Howard Hawks, this is a 50s sword and sandal epic with thousands of extras, giant sets and shiny costumes... all in CinemaScope! The story follows a Pharaoh (try saying that fast) who enlists slaves to build him a grand pyramid as his tomb. Most of the film is about planning a tricky-enough labyrinth to hide his gold (he loves gold!) I had no idea where it was going until... in comes a browned-up Joan Collins to give the plot a real nasty twist. Cheesy good fun.