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  • Not Cool

    Not Cool


    If you play a drinking game to how many rape jokes are said you’d black out before 30 minutes in. Zachary Quinto summed this up beautifully. This movie is just sexist, racist, xenophobic and has fat jokes.. it’s just nasty. im willing to bet my left tit that the frat guy was literally IN BROWN FACE. It was 2014.. literally this content was NEVER okay or asked for. Fuck this movie.

  • A Creepshow Animated Special

    A Creepshow Animated Special


    I really liked the animation a lot! Kiefer Sutherland is such a great freaking voice actor. I think his episode was kinda.. uhh.. no point. It wouldn’t been really great live action. Joey king was really really good! Even though I LOATH that annoying stuck up teen girl trope, I enjoyed the premise. They definitely could’ve eased up on the cheese in the beginning but I really liked the circus of the dead concept.