Teeth ½

Ya ever just feel like shit would hit different with a woman behind the camera. Like the fact she gets sexually assaulted, one (the gynecologist) is played as a joke and it is enough to know whoever wrote this does not have a vagina.

And then she sleeps with the other ugly white guy? What. 
He drugged her.. this is not consensual. Do you understand the filmmaker thinks after she has been drugged and  wakes up from to a man ALREADY messaging her Boob’s for then she says yes? This is also the same boy she rejected earlier in the movie. No. 

She did not have to have sex with her brother to chop his dick off.. that’s all I’m saying.. it’s just weird and gross. 

Now she can do whatever she wants because her vagina will bite .. a penis. So of course she hitchhikes and gets.. god, I’m tired. 

This script is as vanilla as this damn cast.

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