Dec '24 Psych and Business @ Catholic U. Movie theater manager.

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    Here is a story about my dumbass: I saw the 2022 remaster in 3D and the 3D was not working at all for me. It was really nauseating and looked like it was somewhere between working 3D and 2D. I go out to the concession stand and ask (in poor Italian) about the problem. I talk with the employees for like five minutes. No issue is found. Then, I realize mid-conversation that one of my glasses lenses was missing!…

  • Maigret



    Another movie that I watched in Italian dub. I missed most of the mystery but the movie overall seemed okay. The theater was a modern arthouse type--nothing notable.

    Watched at Circuito Cinema Quattro Fontane (6:15pm).

    Up Next: Avatar [2022 Remaster]

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  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    Everyone keeps telling me I have to see this film. But let me tell you:

    1. Where are the hyped turns by Pattinson and Defoe?

    2. Why is it in color?

    3. Why does it suck?

  • Moonfall




    It is ironically fitting that Moonfall is promoting seeing the film on opening night with the prospect of receiving a free NFT, which depicts a piece of the collapsing moon from the movie. Come see our movie and get a free crypto relic of humanity’s possible demise! Director Roland Emmerich has always made optimistic movies, whether it be the patriotism of Independence Day and Midway or the fiery fight for justice in Stonewall. Moonfall, even at its most optimistic,…