Saw ★★★★

a few notes/observations that i took while watching:

* a clue i just now realized was when it says "x marks the spot" on the tape, jigsaw is actually laying there in an x position on the floor

* also jigsaw whispering "follow your heart" on the tape got me thinking he'd make some decent asmr

* adam never washed his hands off after putting them in the toilet

* amanda and the reverse bear trap scene, simply iconic

* the mom and daughter probably give the best performances in the entire movie, maybe with the exception of danny glover

* jigsaw straight up slices someone's throat in this movie, which even though he's a massive hypocrite in the grand scheme of things, is still pretty uncharacteristic

* a small detail but one i like is the part where dr. gordon's hand is hovering over the poisoned cigarette before grabbing the non-poisoned one because it shows his growing desperation as his time is ticking

* still not sure whether or not adam's seizure scene is supposed to be intentionally funny or leigh whannell's acting was just that bad

* the woman dr. gordon cheats on his wife with is fucking hot

* the pig squeal that plays whenever someone gets kidnapped in one of these movies is genuinely one of the scariest sounds ever

* the suspense scenes in this movie are all really really well done, in particular the scene with adam in his apartment which is just so, *chef's kiss*

* add billy's laugh to scariest sounds ever

* "i don't give a crap if you covered yourself in peanut butter and had a 15 hooker gang bang" is an actual line spoken in a saw movie

* one of adam's photos is a picture of zepp in dr. gordon's apartment but how'd it get in the bathroom if he's in the apartment at the same time their game is going?

* how exactly do they get shocked through their chains? like where is the electricity coming from?

* seeing the foot scene in the theatre when this first came out must've been insane

* adam playing dead just so he could surprise zepp and save dr. gordon is such a cute moment. i ship

* jigsaw rising from the floor after doing the mannequin challenge for the past hour and a half, goosebumps

* that final visual of jigsaw saying "game over" and slamming the door while adam screams for his life is still probably my favorite moment in any horror film

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