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  • Castle in the Sky

    Castle in the Sky


    The original assignment regarding this film was to watch just a few clips from it. Instead, I watched the whole thing, and I am glad that I did, because while certain sequences can be admired in clips, it is the heart of this movie that only works by watching it in its entirety.

    This is the first full Studio Ghibli movie where I noticed a very explicit shift towards making the personalities of these characters much more dramatically cartoonish–but not…

  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

    Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind


    If you haven't already heard me enthusing about how I'm taking a Studio Ghibli class this semester, the sentiment is only going to intensify as I spend the next month and a half watching 2-3 Studio Ghibli films per week, reading all about them, and then publicly SWOONING in my Letterboxd entries. Before this viewing, I had only seen Howl's Moving Castle (thanks to Jacey), and I knew that it was my duty as a film student and a decent…

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  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

    The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari


    There are so many artistic elements to adore about this film, but above all, that score HAD me.

    I am a teensy bit disappointed with the heap of loose strings of randomly-inserted side stories that were never tethered with regard to the main narrative. I think a more focused approach with regard to those random details would’ve had me rating this much higher! 

    Well, if there's anything the viewer will surely learn by the end of this film, it would…

  • Emma.



    WELL! If I have not yet said it, I'll proclaim it at once: this movie. will. never. get. tired. in. my. eyes.

    As of tonight, I have now spotted at least one little teensy continuity error, so that must mean I am an official "stan", right...?

    THE BEST on-screen first kiss I've ever seen.

    Makes my day every time I watch this movie. And I keep noticing things to admire technically! Autumn De Wilde, I *so* look forward to your…