Enola Holmes ★★★½

I watched this with my dad. We love Sherlock Holmes in all its lousy adaptations. Thankfully my dad is not a snooty purist, he loves the classic Jeremy Brett portrayal as much as he loves Lucy Liu’s Watson. I think he enjoyed this more than I did despite me being closer to the target audience. The script was a bit too forced for me and I couldn’t get emotionally invested. It was fun? Parts showed promise and its certainly better than some old boys club bullshit. That being said... couldnt she have just been a new lady detective? Why pull from overworked narratives of the past? Still, cute. Was there a Home Alone joke in there somewhere? Holmes Enola.. get it?

P.S. just talked to my grandma and she LOVED it so that earns it an extra half star in my book #grandma approved

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