Beuys ★★★½

Joseph Beuys was an important German artist who made his way to other countries as well, such as the USA & Japan. I love art, especially provocateurs who make sense, but was not familiar with Beuys. So glad this was remedied.

The only problem is that the interviews jumped a little bit and I was a little unclear on the timeline of when he was doing things (staying for the credits helped a bit, though).

All in all, check out if you're into art or people who wanted to get things done politically.

Vegan alerts:
-Beuys' parents wanted him to work in a margarine factory.
-Beuys wore this huge, fur coat.
-Beuys did a performance piece entitled "How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare". A live hare is shown and then one that seems to look dead is shown.

This is the 150th film I've seen using Movie Pass.

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