Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★½

“Nobody likes you!!! Nobody likes you!!!!”

This movie felt like a bunch of people went, “hey! Why don’t we make a movie” without putting a super ton of thought into it. 

It was shot well. The actors were decent, including a standout performance from Rachel Sennott. The movie was so self-aware: characters regret they didn’t film something; meanwhile it really was filmed and the audience actually got to see it—LOL! 🙄

Some mystery is set up, but none of the characters are likable: they all hate each other and no one really does anything to gain an ounce of sympathy. They really all could have been offed, and at one point I was expecting that to actually happen. 

“I’ve never been shot before.”

Overall, the film felt like a modern, coked-out Clue. See at your own discretion. 

Also, check out my TikTok review (mild spoilers).

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