Burning ★★★½

You can make it disappear as if it never existed.

Finally! I saw the last Spirit Awards nominee that is eligible for Film Independent members to vote on.

I liked the cinematography and especially the performance by the lead actress who plays Haemi (Jong-seo Jun). The sparse music and sound design worked well.

It built intrigue and mystery with its moodiness and was colorful. Seemingly random events brought everything together, along with phantom cats and wells... This movie was unique and engaging.

I didn't mind the 2.5 hour running time as much as I thought I would, although our screening (at the Ahrya Fine Arts) started about 20 minutes late. Yikes!

Vegan alert:
-Haemi really wants tripe stew.
-Jongsu Lee tries to sell a calf and sings about how a calf is bursting into tears crying for help.

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