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This review may contain spoilers.

β€œDo you have a reservation?”

I don't know how Carol keeps topping itself each time, but it does. For the first time, I noticed the changing colors of the lettering in the credits (beginning AND end). It was so subtle, yet so cool.

Despite seeing Carol's cinematographer Edward Lachman speak at a Q&A on 1/23/16, I was really struck by the cinematography this time:
-a shot where the camera shows Therese (Rooney Mara) pulling her items out of an employee locker
-the end shot where the camera pulls away from Therese and then cuts to Carol (Cate Blanchett), zooming forward

Everything seemed better this time around. I remember on a third viewing feeling like I was starting to notice the tiny details and being impressed with everything down to the stationery. This viewing seemed to transcend everything, though.

The dynamics were great:
-Therese getting all frantic over Carol receiving her train set
-Abby (Sarah Paulson) getting jealous of Therese
-Carol's love for Rindy, her daughter

It was so fifties that it hurt:
-Carol being treated like a criminal for loving women
-Therese's boyfriend blaming her for not loving him
-Harge (Kyle Chandler), Carol's husband, gets into the car (after being knocked down) to drive Rindy home

I was like randomly in the mood for it (I had planned to devote a whole day to rewatching films, but that never happened). So finally, I got to revisit this pretty much perfect film. For the fifth time.

Vegan alert:
-Carol wears a fur coat throughout the whole film
-Carol orders creamed spinach over poached eggs and Therese orders the same
-Abby makes a reference to a steakhouse owner

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