Free Guy

Free Guy ★★

Some people like video games. Some like movies. However, this movie tries to cross both interests and it doesn't work for me at all. I'm not really a video game person! I don't like shooting people or violence! The film sort of addresses this issue toward the end, but in the meantime, I wasn't into the setup or anything.

Most of the film felt like a watered down version of The Matrix + Deadpool. I remember passing on this film at the theater, even when I got to view 3 movies a week through AMC's A-List program.

Even now, I only tuned in just to see Jodie Comer. I like how she is choosing to play smart women. She also confidently pulls off different looks and accents. Other that her, I found nothing redeeming in the film.

Vegan alert:
-Kentucky Fried Chicken reference
-Whipped cream and cupcakes at coffee shop

Vegan points:
The film brings up important questions such as: can oat milk be frothed?

Vegan alerts/points do not count toward the final score of the film.

Watched on: Disney+

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