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This review may contain spoilers.

With Glass Onion, a star is born with Madelyn Cline who plays Whiskey the Taurus. Janelle Monáe carries the movie as Cassandra Bland. Daniel Craig as Benoît Blanc provides a fair amount of entertainment. Blanc’s blue and white striped bathing suit recalls Jacques Tati. What other people find challenging, Blanc refers to as a “children’s game” and he solves the crime before it’s even committed. Kathryn Hahn is superb, and Edward Norton’s performance proves he’s still got it. Also, there are wonderful cameos from people including Angela Lansbury, Ethan Hawke, and Hugh Grant. 

The film is bogged down by snippy one-liners and cultural references despite it features glass-shattering revelations. The runtime will prove a challenge for the bladder; however, most people will get to see it on Netflix and will be privy to that nifty pause button. 

The costume design from Jenny Eagan is unique and cutting edge. 

Oh, and Rian Johnson, feminists can appreciate boobs. Free the nipple! 

My favorite prop:
The fax machine 

Vegan alert:
Caviar reference 

Vegan points:
-Miles Bron asks people to specify if they have any dietary restrictions. 
-Jared Leto has sent over hard kombucha.

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