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“I am not a victim of my heredity. I’m a master of my genetic activity.”

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Friday night I had a very positive rewatch of the documentary, Heal. When I saw it in theaters over a year ago, it was hard to take notes. This time I was able to "rewind" some segments and watch them again thanks to Kanopy.

The documentary talks about stress as the root cause for many diseases and how positive thinking along with treating the root causes instead of symptoms can heal disease.

Meditation is a tool that relieves stress, as well as imagining the disease being cured. The doc talked about cancers and auto-immune disorders and gave tips for overcoming a bleak diagnosis:

-radically changing your diet
-taking control of your health
-following your intuition
-using herbs and supplements
-released suppressed emotions
-increasing positive emotions
-embracing social support
-deepening your spiritual connection
-have a strong reason for living

The main point is that we have the ability to change our environment and perception of the environment, as well as the ability to control our genetic activity through conscious thinking.

At times, it may seem far fetched. However, with positive thinking and a plant-based diet, many were able to overcome their physical struggles.

At the end, they also covered having gratitude for everything including future healing. The point was to never give up if you are sick and that our attitude was more of a factor than genetics.

I believe it's worth a watch if you are looking to change your mindset. Even if you are not going through a debilitating health issue, you might be able to help someone who is.

Vegan points:
They recommend eating a plant-based diet.