Jane by Charlotte

Jane by Charlotte


Jane by Charlotte is a dream documentary for anyone who is remotely interested in the lives of Charlotte Gainsbourg (director/daughter of Jane), Jane Birkin (subject/mother of Charlotte), and the now deceased Serge Gainsbourg (father of Charlotte and former partner of Jane). It suffers from a lack of context; unless you are already very familiar with them, it’s not always going to make a whole lot of sense. Sometimes the camera is stable. Sometimes it’s shaky. Charlotte contributes a lot of her own music to the documentary and throws herself into it, being completely vulnerable. Charlotte even filmed on a Bolex for certain shots that turned out retro and were extremely aesthetically pleasing.

It was hard for Jane to watch footage of Kate, her oldest and now deceased daughter. Probably the most disturbing thing about the documentary was Jane talking about wanting to touch Charlotte’s body including her breasts when she was about 14-years-old to see how she was developing. Charlotte wanted to do the same thing with her daughter, Alice, but Alice refused. Sometimes the sound was better than other times. I guess the weirdest part was Jane and Charlotte visiting Serge’s old flat and Jane standing in the living room where there was a huge naked picture of Brigitte Bardot (also Serge’s former lover). But hey, I didn’t mind that part and Jane seemed unfazed.

Vegan alert:
-Asking for eggs
-Smoked salmon
-Canned chicken at Serge’s
-Sardines reference
-Fish market

Vegan points:
Jane kisses puppies

Standby tickets are available for the 3:30 PM showing at NYFF59 for Jane by Charlotte