LA 92 ★★★★

When the film opened with the story of the Watts Riots, I was reminded of O.J.: Made in America. I thought the documentary was going to be thorough and cover some of the same subject matter and I thought it would be a little bit repetitive. But, not really.

Even though I was 10 when the L.A. riots happened, I remember watching it in horror on the television. People were looting and there were fires. And we lived about 2 hours away from L.A. So close, yet so far away. But being a child at the time, I didn't really know the full scope of what was going on.

The documentary was informative, but also extremely disturbing that police officers in Los Angeles used to treat human beings that way. I walked out of the theater disturbed, but extremely hopeful. It goes to show that if people push back against the system, action will be taken. Definitely not up for another riot, but... they sure listened, didn't they?

This is the 70th film I saw with Movie Pass.

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