Lamb ★★½

Lamb stars Noomi Rapace as Maria, a surrogate mother to Ada, a lamb child. Rapace speaks several languages, including Icelandic, which she speaks here. The way Rapace looks at her little lamb after it's born shows what a star she is: on her face is shock and perhaps a tinge of dread. However, in the next sequence, she has hr lamb wrapped up in a blanket and shows it tender care and bottle feeds it.

The film has the coolest shots: opening with the POV of a lamb and featuring a cat looking jealously and suspiciously at the lamb later. Everything is well-paced and tensions are increased at the right moments. Still, the movie is completely uncomfortable. I think we had some walkouts once some people realized this was in Icelandic. The audience also uproariously laughed when the lamb reached an age where it was able to stand and walk. They couldn't handle the lamb in a sweater. They just couldn't! And neither could I. In the words of Maria's husband's brother Pétur (Björn Hlynur Haraldsson), "What the fuck is this?" Pétur is the worst uncle at first, poking fun at the innocent child.

No matter what you're expecting, the ending is a little bit crazy and unexpected, at least to me. Props to the filmmaker Valdimar Jóhannsson for executing his vision well; however, even if it had been a perfect film, the weirdness just put me off from enjoying it 100%.

Still, this film must be seen to be believed.

Vegan alert:
-Cooking meat in front of a cat
-Lamb's ear is clipped and it bleeds
-Lamb #3115 is shot, her lifeless body is dragged, and she's buried
-Fishing nets are suggested
-Bloodied animal
-Violence toward humans

Vegan points:
Lamb licking her young

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