Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again ★★★½

I was absolutely surprised how much fun this was! I love ABBA, but was never a huge fan of Mamma Mia! the movie or the musical production I saw. However, the film sequel was great. Throughout, the cinematography was mindblowing. In the credits, it was revealed that the DP was, in fact, Robert Yeoman. He was the cinematographer for my favorite Wes Anderson film (The Royal Tenenbaums) and my favorite Noah Baumbach film (The Squid and the Whale). Those films are definitely more low key, but still very creative. There is a POV shot where bikes are riding over some transparent material (glass?) and we see the bikes riding over. Also the way the camera moved for "One of Us" was great, cutting in between Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper who were supposed to be in two different places. Also, the "Waterloo" sequence was a ton of fun and creative. Such amazing work.

The storyline goes back and forth between Amanda Seyfried's present day character (Sophie) and Meryl Streep's character (Donna) in 1977. Some of it seemed like extra padding, but it was still very fun.

There was also a guy in our audience that was a HUGE fan of Cher. The first shot of her is her foot and the guy went totally crazy. You can just imagine what happened when she started singing. My audience was pretty good; while I liked the movie anyway, it still added to the excitement of the experience. Also, there were additional surprises that I didn't know where coming. You will have to see for yourself!

Also, most of the audience stayed for the credits to see if there was a tag at the end. Yes, there is. It's small and sort of funny.

That morning, I just happened to see The Giver which also had Meryl Streep. I actually didn't know she was going to be in that movie and it was a total coincidence. Monday was Meryl Streep double feature day.

This is the 273rd film I've seen using Movie Pass.

Vegan alert:
-Seafood and other non-vegan food is featured.
-A mule is used to transport lots of luggage (and then a woman tells Donna how nicely she treats the animals, even though we never see it and we only see the mule being used for labor).
-There is fishing.

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