Parasite ★★★½


When I heard rumors surrounding this movie, I had it in my mind that some supernatural elements existed. However, everything is portrayed very realistically with superb cinematography by Kyung-pyo Hong. 

It starts out with the Kim family: a mom, dad, brother, and sister. They are caught in a class struggle. The fact that automation is killing jobs popped into my mind. They lived in an almost post-apocalyptic situation where food, jobs, and (gasp) Wi-Fi were hard to get. The Kim son goes to interview as a tutor for the eldest Park child, Min. 

The Park family is also composed of a rich-bitch mom, a high-level corporate dad, the holy terror younger son Da-song, and shy middle sister Da-hye. They are all products of wealth whether they like it or not. 

One of the most compelling scenes was showing the aftermath of a traumatic event that happened. The Kim family was hit hard, while the "rich" Park family woke up to a new day just like clockwork. 

While I liked the film a lot, I was not as impressed as I thought I might be. It's really similar to a French film I saw (will reveal the title of it in a soon-to-follow spoiler review of Parasite). I was totally emotionally disturbed by it, however, and I think that it far exceeded any merits Joker might have had. 

But— they should have given the Palme d'Or to Ken Loach's Sorry We Missed You

Just saying. 

Vegan alert:
-Mr. Kim flicks a bug. 
-The housekeeper offers Mrs. Park honey. 
-Meat at the buffet 
-Cutting meat with scissors 
-Japanese crabsticks for Foo Foo (the dog)
-Mrs. Kim pushes a dog. 
-Eggs in the fridge. 
-Sirloin is added to the ram-don. 
-Salmon steaks at the party 
-Whole crawfish at the store 
-Dog eating meat at the party
-Mr. Kim eats canned salmon. 
-Reference to German sausage 

Vegan points:
The housekeeper always serves the children fruit plates.

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