Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★½

Okay, so I was literally DYING, because everyone was posting their reviews of this movie and I knew I wasn't going to see it until Tuesday.

Australian Samara Weaving plays the lead. It was also killing me until two seconds ago, because I had an inkling that she might be related to Hugo Weaving of Matrix fame (she's his niece). She also bears an uncanny resemblance to Margot Robbie, so they need to do some DNA tests; I'm sure they're some kind of cousins.

ANYWAY, this movie was fun. A lot of people are comparing it to Get Out or Clue. While the comparisons aren't unwarranted, this is a film of its own nature. While also being very good, I don't think it's going to change cinema in any way. Samara has a lot of opportunities to scream and let loose, especially toward the end, though.

It's also nice to see Andie MacDowell again. For us old folks, Andie was a leading lady back in the 1990s and I was afraid the new generation was going to only know her as "Margaret Qualley's mom" (which there's nothing wrong with as Margaret is really becoming her own person and showing a lot of talent early on).

Also intense was Henry Czerny, who played Tony Le Domas, the father of Alex and Daniel and Becky's husband (Andie MacDowell).

At every turn, Nicky Guadagni made incredibly creepy gestures and faces and was a perfect addition as Aunt Helene.

Q&A with directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett + producer Tripp Vinson

Vegan alerts:
-The "gaming room" is just what it sounds like: a room with animal heads mounted on the wall and a painting of a hunter standing above his kill
-References to slicing a goat's neck and goat sacrifices
-Falling into a pit of dead animals. 
-A bird is shot. 

Humans are also maimed and killed in this film.

There is also a scene where a kid is punched. This continues the phenomenon of violence toward children that I have also recently seen in Under the Silver Lake. I know it'll sound old-fashioned of me to say this, but the kids in Silver Lake should have been supervised and the kid in Ready or Not shouldn't've been given a weapon. It's not cool to portray kids as perpetrators in order to give characters an excuse to hit them.

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