Suspiria ★★★

I am surprised that people have been raving about this. I have to admit the camerawork is stunning, especially the overhead shots. The perfection of the costumes and set design is to die for, as it’s set in 1977 and feels like I’m watching a Fassbinder movie from the time period (not to mention Ingrid Caven is in this). 

The actors are good, especially Tilda Swindon in her dual role as Madame Blanc and Doctor Kemperer. Chloë Grace Moretz is great as Patricia. Her brown, unkempt hair is a disguise.  It’s funny: Suspiria was playing at the Arclight Dome the same night I saw Cameron Post again, because she was doing a Q&A (for the latter film). 

Overall, it left me feeling the way I felt before I saw the movie: there was no need for a Suspiria remake. I don’t care if the end product was “good” or if Jessica Harper made a cameo. There were a ton of nice things about it. It kind of felt like a waste, though I loved the ESP communication scene. 

Vegan alert:
Eating chicken while talking about bestiality. 

Human violence:
There is a lot of blood, stabbing, slicing, bones sticking out of the skin, etc.

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