The Night House

The Night House ★★★½


Halloween came early this year! In this film, Beth (Rebecca Hall) is a teacher who has recently become a widow. Her husband was relatively young and we find out little by little that despite their seemingly perfect marriage, things were actually pretty insane. From Beth recounting her near-death experience when she was 17, to hearing bangs and shots, the creepy atmosphere actually ended up making me scream at one point. Despite being the only one in the theater, I definitely looked around at one point to make sure there wasn’t *something else* in the theater with me.

The red filter toward the end (reminding me of Violet) and the constant use of look-alikes made for compelling cinema. Definitely watch it, if you want to be scared *AF* and if you want to see an amazing supporting performance from Stacy Martin. Also, I think it was called The Night House, because The Lake House was already taken.

Vegan alert:
A gunshot that scares birds

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