Underwater ★½

"Dude... have you heard anything?"

Judging from the trailer, it didn't seem like the film had a clear narrative. However, I heard a couple of positive things and decided to try it. Going into Underwater, I discovered that it basically was a disaster movie where they had a bad plan. It's like Gravity, only it's underwater and they added a bunch more people. Just watch The Poseidon Adventure (1972) instead!

My favorite character was Ally Lucien, daughter of Captain Lucien (Vincent Cassel), mentioned only in passing and not even present. Overall, I was so bored by the lack of interesting characters and the stupid plot. Kristen Stewart is okay, but I'd better not get her as my most watched actor in my Letterboxd stats next year! Let's change things up.

Vegan alert:
-Guy shoots a sea creature.
-Reference to something happening to a dog

Vegan points:
Kristen Stewart saves a spider.

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