Asparagus ★★★★½

"I had a garden where I grew Asparagus from seed - it’s a very primitive vegetable going back to the time of the dinosaurs. It comes out of the ground as a phallic stalk, pointy and purple green, the essence of a beautiful masculine form. But then as summer passes it stretches tall and becomes a delicate fern, seen on roadsides tilting in the wind, the essence of the feminine like long strands of tangled hair in the breeze. I thought of it as a beautiful symbol of sexuality. From that I made a visual poem about the creative process, taking the role of the magician/artist as the protagonist who ushers the viewers through her search for the essence of the creative forces which rule and drive our existence."
~ Suzan Pitt on Asparagus

To read Pitt's explanation of her own film above is to understand in a very limited way the process of an accomplished artist. There is no dissection of my own to insert here as I fear have nothing of coherence to offer, most especially being that I am not a woman. The only thing I can put forth here is that this is as enigmatic as it is overwhelming.

Asparagus is a colorful, hallucinogenic acid trip that is as exciting and beautiful and groundbreaking and feminist and mind blowing an experience as I imagine it was was when people experienced it for the first time over 40 years ago.

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