Barry Lyndon

Barry Lyndon ★★★★½

Absolutely one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. Heartbreakingly beautiful. Almost each and every shot feels like a individual painting that has been brought to life. While the novel is sumptuously, impeccably brought to life: from the revolutionary cinematography to the great costumes and the amazing art decoration/set decoration, it can be a little on the cold side of emotion. But, it is a tragedy, and the story is darkly ironic because after all that prosperity, Barry ends up just as he was. The adaptation of classical pieces used throughout the film is something Kubrick has always seemed masterful at implementing in his films and Leonard Rosenman does a great job here. Every single bit of music feels perfectly in place within the film. The script is impressive too, as having had to condense Thackaery into something that's filmable time-wise and still contain the meat of his themes is wholly impressive from Kubrick. While it's something to marvel at, it is a hard film to love.

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