Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★★★½

"Is 'Do Revenge' even, like, correct grammar?"

I would love to know how in this world of Netflix Meh that a film like this, with its Gen Z conversational buzzwords, screenshotable shots a mile a minute, and a cast who could each have his or her own row of Netflix content could actually be good... Well, revenge is a dish served gay and hot and this is most certainly both.

It's that good because it follows in that long venerable line of Delicious Queer Camp. Though it may devolve at times with its sometimes obviously plotted arc and thin character development, there's no denying that the fun we're having is good fun and everyone onscreen looks like they're having fun as well. Oh, and Maya Hawk (with emotional support pet Oscar Winner Olivia Colman as the scaly jewel in her 👑), the new Queen of Queer Content is here to stay.

💅 Hot Take 💅
Though it seems to be more in the Heathers vein, that Sarah Michelle Gellar plays the school headmaster here makes this all the more apparent that this is supposed to be in the spirit of a 🏳️‍🌈, 21st century version of Cruel Intentions and how could this not make it just a little bit better than it already is...

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