Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…โ˜…ยฝ

๐ŸŒญ๐Ÿฅฏ Tฬทฬ’ฬฬซอ‰ฬฐอ•hฬถฬฟฬ“ฬฏฬฐฬฬปอขeฬทฬตฬ†ฬŠฬ–ฬจฬงฬซฬ— Oฬตฬทอฉอ†อ…ฬชฬฐnฬทฬถฬŠฬฝอ˜ฬอฆฬฏอ‰eฬทฬตฬ†ฬŠฬ–ฬจฬงฬซฬ— MฬถฬทฬŠอฅอ‹ฬฒอŸuฬถฬ‚ฬฝฬฟอ†ฬˆอ™lฬธองอ‘อƒฬ“อ€อกฬฑอˆtฬดอ€อ•อ–อ“iฬตฬŽอ“อ™ฬฑอšอŸvฬธฬตอ†ฬˆอคฬอ™eฬทฬตฬ†ฬŠฬ–ฬจฬงฬซฬ—rฬถฬทอฬพฬ€ฬฒอฬญอŸsฬ‹อ›ฬฉอ™อ–อŸeฬทฬตฬ†ฬŠฬ–ฬจฬงฬซฬ— Tฬทฬ’ฬฬซอ‰ฬฐอ•oฬธฬฬšฬฬฎอšฬขฬข Rฬดฬˆฬ„อžฬชฬงuฬถฬ‚ฬฝฬฟอ†ฬˆอ™lฬธองอ‘อƒฬ“อ€อกฬฑอˆeฬทฬตฬ†ฬŠฬ–ฬจฬงฬซฬ— Tฬทฬ’ฬฬซอ‰ฬฐอ•hฬถฬฟฬ“ฬฏฬฐฬฬปอขeฬทฬตฬ†ฬŠฬ–ฬจฬงฬซฬ—mฬถฬทอชฬฝอกอ” Aฬถฬตฬ‡ฬ—ฬณlฬธองอ‘อƒฬ“อ€อกฬฑอˆlฬธองอ‘อƒฬ“อ€อกฬฑอˆ ๐Ÿฅฏ๐ŸŒญ

There is no way to review this. There is nothing I can say. There are no words I can type.

I cannot do any justice to the weirdest and possibly the best theatrical experience I'll have all of 2022. And recency bias be damned, this is the most exciting theatrical experience I've had with a large crowd around me in the last five years. We all ate up the frenetic, kinetic narrative like some special kind of chocolate for the first 110 minutes and all cried together for the last thirty when the film finally bares its vulnerable soul at the center of its butt plug and hot dog-filled heart.

Every single film released now doesn't live up to the hype that precedes them... except this one. That this film exists is a miraclous highwire acrobatic act of storytelling that stands on the shoulders of all the multiversal universes surrounding it at each and every cineplex and declares itself King. There will not be a braver film this year. My googly third eye has been opened. All Hail Daniels! ๐Ÿ›

My body was ready. My mind was ready... My heart was not ready.

The Best of the Best of 2022

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