Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★½

Boy do I love Taika, and the balls displayed here are pretty gigantic as he takes a bleak as hell WWII novel and makes into a modern right wing extremist satire. It shouldn't work at all, but somehow it does... in pieces. The tonal shifts here divided me throughout as they are too sharp mixing and matching across most of the film. When it stretches into farcical territory, it seems to be stretching itself too thin, especially with the gravitas displayed in the final third of the film. Waititi is deliberate, though purposeful, with his stylistic choices here, and though some of it might not work for me, his storytelling strengths are on display throughout (the shot of Jojo turning to see his mother's shoes right beside him - the flyer of Free Germany" in German, we've seen through the film, stapled to her pants - devastated me more than any single shot in any film from 2019). I wonder what we'll see when we look at back on it though - with its mixed reception - because I have a feeling it will stand the test of time as a filmmaker telling a fierce story of love trumping all. That somehow, in ten years time, it might look a great deal better, more cohesive, more daring than it does now once we have the Trump years behind us.

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