Nope ★★★★½

For three days I have been at a loss as to how exactly encapsulate one of the best film viewing experiences I’ve had so far in 2022, so I’ll borrow from my own review of Titane as it seems to best express what these two hours did to me: “The best kind of cinema is the kind that leaves you breathless…

It is the way Jordan Peele envelops and overlaps genre on top of genre, the way he uses film history as a catalyst for story and tone, the way he prods and provokes and turns the screws inside our heads while entertaining the hell out of us. Each of his three films have been a unique and wholly different tonal and sensorial experience, but this one is by far his most ambitious in terms of scale, budget and the thematic ties that bind. There are very few filmmakers working with the kind of ideas, the kind of vision and the kind of fastidious attention to detail that Peele does and we should all feel blessed to be able to watch him make the kind of risky, original, mid to big budget genre swings he’s making. We are witnessing the making of a great filmmaker in real time. May he always keep us holding our breath.

Do the movies deserve Jordan Peele?

Do we deserve Jordan Peele?

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