The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly ★★★★½

Nothing short of a remarkable achievement. Schnabel's beautiful vision combined with Janusz Kaminski's stunning lensing makes a very limited (but amazing) story, laced with beautiful imagery, into a piece of cinematic brilliance. The film is a moving tribute to a man whose limited second phase of his life which was able to put in perspective everything that came before his accident. Mathieu Amalric as the handicap Jean-Dominique Bauby is tremendous. Most of the time he is playing the handicapped version of the man and never once overplaying it or having us not believe in him. The scene with him and Sydow (playing his father) talking over the phone is a beautiful back and forth that is painfully felt. Just as with the book, the film is a rumination on what you do with your life, most importantly what you do with the people that are in your life.

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