Martin Scorsese RANKED

Catherine Scorsese's Meatball Recipe:

Singe an onion & a pinch of garlic in oil.
Throw in a piece of veal, a piece of beef,
some pork sausage & a lamb neck bone,
Add a basil leaf.
When the meat is brown take it out,
& put it on a plate.
Put in a can of tomato paste & some water.
Pass a can of packed whole tomatoes
through a blender & pour it in.
Let it boil.
Add salt, pepper & a pinch of sugar.
Let it cook for awhile.
Throw the meat back in.
Cook for 1 hour

Now make the meatballs.
Put a slice of bread, without crust,
2 eggs, & a drop of milk, into a bowl of
ground veal and beef.
Add salt, pepper, some cheese &
a few spoons of sauce.
Bit it with your hands,
Roll them up, throw them in.
Let it cook for another hour.