All My Life ★★★★

Well this was an experience for my final time at the cinema before lockdown starts again on Thursday.

Went to Costa, the person in front of me started kicking off because they weren't accepting cash, being a proper Karen about it. So then I got my drink using my points which was excellent cause it was a free drink.

So then went to get a hot dog and there was more Karens taking forever to get their food and stuff and they couldn't book tickets either so it got to 4:30 and I gave up on my quest for a hot dog and went to the movie instead.

The Karens who were trying to get tickets then walked into the same screen as me. So I had a Costa but no hot dog. Also the Karens sat on my row, certainly not social distancing, but I wasn't moving as I liked my seat.

Anyways back to the movie.

This movie was amazing, but so sad. Like I'm not really someone who sits and cries at movies but this one affected me, possibly because it brought back everything with my mother. Cancer is a bitch.

But yeah, Mike from Glee and the fearless lass from Happy Death Day were amazing in this. Would defo watch this again, will more than likely be once it's released on dvd though.

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