"I listened to The Cure,
I listened to The Cure,
I listened to The Cure and then i cried."
Favorites are my top 4 of the year so far!

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  • Hillbilly Elegy

    Hillbilly Elegy


    Amy Adams and Glenn Close deserved better.

  • Run



    Saw the title for this and thought that it was gonna be another silly little horror film.. and oh boy was i wrong. Didn't even read the synopsis and i'm kind of glad that i didn't because in the end i was so plesantly surprised by how good this was

    Kiera Allen & Sarah Paulson with 2 of the best performances i've seen all year!!

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  • Parasite



    yes, i am still thinking about the Parasite pizza delivery girl.. i hope she's doing ok 😔

  • If Anything Happens I Love You

    If Anything Happens I Love You


    my god, when i realized what this is about.. it's incredible how emotionally impactful a 12 minute long animated film can be
    @Academy, istg if you don't nominate this

    and in case you were wondering.. yeah, i cried like a baby..