Mychal Ducken

Mychal Ducken

Old film fan.
Negative cutter.
Owned by a cat.
twitter @scarecrowismybf

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  • Cherry 2000

    Cherry 2000


    The way Melanie Griffith was acting I thought she would turn out to be a robot, but no. That’s just her.

  • Tickled



    Probably would’ve been more captivating if I hadn’t listened to the Dollop episode on it a few years ago, but still good and much less funny.

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  • Dolemite Is My Name

    Dolemite Is My Name


    “Cinemagical reality” to say the least. Eddie Murphy is charming as fuck! And I’m happy to see that my 90s bf, Wesley, still has it and is, of course, incredible.

  • Solaris



    You know when something is considered a masterpiece and you’re just like psh it can’t be that great and so you put off watching it for years but then you finally watch it and wonder why you put off watching it for so long because it turns out everyone is right and it was brilliant? I do that a lot. Case in point.