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🐍 Snake Scale: 990-6907XB71 🐍

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  • Dance Program

    Dance Program


    Never, absolutely never, go down memory lane expecting to find the same people you once knew or for all of these to be as successful or miserable as you are, or even to fathom the tought that those who you connect with will risk life and limb for you as they once would've 20 years ago. You will hit a brick wall. That's why class reunions are such bullshit.

    Beautiful performance by Fernandel. a heartbreaking one by Pierre Blanchar and…

  • So You Think You're Not Guilty

    So You Think You're Not Guilty

    Ken (male version of a Karen) demands to speak to the manager.

    Joe McDoakes's "So You Think... " series is like Goofy's "How to..."& "Everyman" series, only live action and unfunny.

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  • Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen

    Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen


    Never in my wildest and wettest of dreams did I imagine that on Thursday. March 30, 2017, I'd be watching a movie, for the very first time, that would become one of my favorite movies of all time.

    [Be born, walk, run, enter, walk out, die, revive, chase, love, kiss, laugh, wink, turn right, turn left, point out, breathe in, breathe out, wonder, wander, copulate, over the shoulder, eat, devour, deflower, bite, yawn, sleep, dream, travel, time travel, touch, let…

  • Coffee for All

    Coffee for All

    The American woman from New York just ruined it for me. She was clearly promoting her TEDx talk. How utterly annoying, she was.