Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★½

Road to Black Widow is completed. I can’t wait for it!!!

Let me just start by saying...
•The teen angst is TOP NOTCH
•The action is the most unique it has been in the mcu for a good bit 
•The differing settings are all cool, but lack substance 
•MJ and Peter in this film are adorable
•The projections are SO DAMN COOL
•The villain is to die for 
•The post credit scenes make me go insane... Oh. My. Lord.

Peter in the first half of the film is kind of a bruh moment tho. Like when he gives Mysterio the goods it’s a “c’mon man” type of moment. I get that he was suffering from internal struggles or whatever but it painted him out to be very stupid and too impulsive. I love how he matured as the film went along and was honestly amazing in the second half of the film

So, overall, the best live-action Spider-Man film ngl


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