Spider-Man ★★★★

Maaaan I had to cut this film some slack. I forgot how GREAT this story was! The pacing was really good too, which is something most origins struggle with.

But dude, this fill is cheese freaking nation. From the editing, to the cgi, to the acting (MJ just does this very stupid looking disappointed side-glance at random intervals and it cracks me up so much), to the writing, to the FREAKING NICKELBACK SONG IN THE CREDITS 

And some people may struggle with the fact that I rated this the same as its sequel. In my not-so humble opinion, I think that the sequel has an amazing character study, but the plot is super clunky and the side characters turn to crap. This film has a way better and tighter plot, but it obviously doesn’t have the emotional depth as the next film. 

Still, this whole trilogy is a major part of my childhood. I always preferred the third movie when I was younger Lmao, I need to revisit it 


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